For any Grading related questions please email us:

ClickHERE for the BGS Grading Submission Form to put in your package with your submission. Please print, fill out and include the form along with your cards for submission to us. This will help get us in contact with you faster and ensure your cards are submitted with the proper turnaround.

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    Instructions to Submit:

    1) Please submit cards in clear penny sleeves inside Card Savers, Semi Rigids, or toploaders.

    2) Print or handwrite the form above and put it inside the package before shipping to us. This will help us get in contact with you faster and ensure your cards are submitted for the proper turnaround.

    3) Package up your cards in a safe manner with the form from Step 2 and ship to the address at the end of this page.

    We accept USPS, DHL, FedEx, UPS or any other Global shipping carrier you use.

    Payments are collected at the time we receive the cards from you. An invoice will be sent via email from: 

    For payments we accept the following options:

    • Apple Pay, Google Pay, Facebook (Meta) Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, All Major Credit Cards and Payment Plans via Shop Pay Installments

      Return Shipping

      • You will be responsible for return shipping costs so we will send you a link to our shipping charges once the cards are returned to us
      • We do accept pre-paid labels as we understand some of you have discounted shipping accounts or preferred carriers
      • Cards are insured from the time we receive them in hand and throughout the entire grading process

        Mailing and Local Drop off Address:

        TCW Grading
        4144 N. Central Expressway Suite 160

        Dallas, TX 75204

        Beckett Grading Pricing Options

        Trading Card Game and Sports Card Grading (All prices include Sub Grades)

        *Additional $5 fee for manufacture Autograph cards*

        Grading Type

        Price Per Card

        Time Frame

        Base $18 30-90 Days
        Standard $35 30-45 Days
        Express $80 2-4 Weeks
        Priority $125 1-2 Weeks days

        Beckett Reholder/Relabel

        Time Frame

        Price Per Card

        30-90 days $15

        Addational Services


        Price Per Card

        Manufacture Autographs Additional $5
        Non-Manufacture Autographs Must Be Quoted
        Jumbo Cards Additional $10
        Booklet Cards Additional $10